Friday, August 31, 2007

maximum smitage

smitage: n. the condition or experience of aesthetic/spiritual rapture, leading frequently to demolition. see: extasis. From the Old French smitolier, an archaic form of Whack-a-Mole performed with stale baguettes, a cow-hide tarpaulin, and six to eight members of the peasantry.

ex.: "Your workshop story, though technically proficient, evokes minimal smitage."

Poseidon to Zeus: "That right there was some smitage."

Acts of high to ridiculous smitage: Guy Davenport's essays, Witold Gombrowicz's Diary, Ronald Johnson's ARK.

Low smitage: Graham Greene. Any word in which "X" replaces "Christ." Unless you are referring to the guy who put gates up in Central Park, "Xo".

Maximum Smitage: unknown. Probably bright enough to see from space.

Finished a first draft of my "Dined with Goethe" story this morning. Diary form. First story I've finished in about a year, will probably stink like yesterday's diapers in about forty-five minutes.

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